Adventure is Out There: Day 1


His master said to him, Well done, good and faithful servant. You have been faithful over a little; I will set you over much. Enter into the joy of your master.  – Matthew 25:21

READ: Matthew 25:14-30

This story teaches us a great deal.   And there’s certainly a lot of places we could land.  We have all been given certain abilities, a gift unique to us meant not to be hoarded but to be shared with the world.    And then, of course, there’s the idea that if we’re faithful with little, more will be granted.  These are wonderful and true principles but for our purposes this week I want to focus in on one detail in particular.  The servant who receives two talents is able to multiply his gift and ends up with four.  The same is true of the servant who is given five talents; he too ends up with twice what he started with when the master returns.   And so we learn, we are called not just to take care of what we’ve been given but also to multiply its return.

Does anyone else wonder how exactly they’ll find the time to lose 30 pounds, read their Bible everyday and prepare healthy meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner seven days a week?  Does the end goal feel daunting and unattainable in more ways than you can count?

I wonder if the servants from the story felt that way.  How will I ever double my earnings?

I’m not sure who exactly it was that came up with the idea of interest but let me just say, for the record, they are genius.  Remember your dismay and wonder when your parents explained to you for the very first time how money you deposit in a bank increases without any effort on your part whatsoever.  It’s like magic.

And here’s the catch, this principle holds true with our time as well.  What if you committed to invest small amounts of time consistently over time?  What could happen?

I released my first women’s Bible study just about three months ago.   Writing a study was a dream that God put on my heart years and years ago but it wasn’t until March of 2014 that I actually began the process of putting words on paper.    In the last months, as women have participated in the study, many have asked me, “How in the world did you find time to write a Bible study?”  I have four kids that are eight years of age and under and a pastor husband, so time isn’t exactly easy to come by.  The answer; nap time.  Almost everyday, at least four out of five days in a week, I wrote.   I put at least one kid down for a nap, turned on some Netflix, and wrote.  Some days I got out a paragraph while others I produced pages.  It didn’t matter how much or how little, what mattered is I invested small amounts of time, over time.  It was like magic.  Twenty-five pages, then fifty, and then one hundred.   And then, there it was, I had written a six-week, nearly two hundred page, study.

So today, commit to give five minutes, ten minutes, one hour to that one thing.  And then do that one thing EVERYDAY.

Because the Master is going to ask us to give an account for what we’ve done with our days here., He’s going to want to see He made a wise investment.  Let’s seek to not to bury our gifts, not to just care for them, but to multiply them.  One page, one push-up, one class, one dollar, one dream at a time, like magic your efforts will be multiplied before your very eyes.

Christy Fay