Hi and welcome.  

More than anything I hope this is a place where we can seek God together.  

 If there’s anything I know to be true it’s this…

Jesus is real.

He is at work in our lives.

And it turns out it’s best for us when we chase after Him together.

 For those reasons, I have written two Bible studies.  The Bible can sometimes feel out dated and antiquated, can’t it?  But I believe that the stories we find there are just as true, meaningful and relevant today as when they were written and recorded.  

 My deepest desire is for us to discover our story in God’s story.  

 Reclaimed: Uncovering Your Worth (Higher Life, 2015) centers on the five women in the lineage of Jesus and how their surprising appearance there reminds us there is nothing we have ever done that will disqualify us from a life chosen and used by God.

 I Have To: Chasing What Sets Your Soul on Fire (Carpenter’s Son, 2017) is a journey through the Scriptures that helps us find that “thing” that God designed us to do,; that “thing” that gets us up in the morning and keeps us up at night.  The “thing” we can’t seem to say no to even if we wanted to, even though we’ve tried.  

I currently co-pastor a church here in the Phoenix area called Arcadia City Church.  I love seeing people engage with Jesus and their communities in and through the local body of believers.  There is nothing I would rather do than partner with God in the restorative work He is doing in the world.  

 My four children and my husband make my world go round. Other than my role as God’s daughter, image-bearer, and Kingdom warrior I feel most proud to be a wife and mom.

May you abundantly, fully and completely experience His love, grace, and peace.  Let’s seek God together.  

- Christy