I HAVE TO: Chasing What Sets Your Soul on Fire

I HAVE TO: Chasing What Sets Your Soul on Fire


It’s that thing that keeps you up at night and the thing that wakes you up in the morning.  It’s that thing that breaks your heart and makes you want to scream, cry, and laugh all in the same breath.  It’s that thing you’ve been trying to ignore - the thing that might even terrify you a little. It’s where passion intersects with purpose.  It’s that something in you that the world needs.  It’s your I HAVE TO.  

In this six-week study through the Scriptures you will learn to chase what sets your soul on fire. 

• Discern and discover your God-given I HAVE TO

• Let go of your fears, insecurities, and failures to fully embrace your I HAVE TO

• Uncover how to live out your I HAVE TO even when it seems nonsensical and impossible


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